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Design principle of high grade gift packaging

Release time:2018-04-26


Packaging description plays a promotional role. First of all, it should arouse the attention of consumers. As a result, the packaging should use novel and unique modeling, gloss and intent color, beautiful and exquisite drawings, each of the characteristics of the quality of the material to make the packaging can take on the intent effect, so that consumers have a keen interest in the sight.

The common and innovative style can attract consumers' attention. For example, the styling of wine bottles, ordinary cylinder based, some wine bottles using imitation modeling, portrayed into a messy anchor or human shape, in a batch of cylinder, rectangular shape of the wine bottle, will appear very outstanding and beautiful.

Color beauty is the most simple feeling of people, some shopping malls experts even think that color is the top factor for the sale of the resolution, they found in a long time market survey, some color as the product of packaging, will make the product surprisingly low, gray is one of them. They think that this is due to the fact that grey is difficult to arouse, and that it is difficult for them to get excited about purchasing. They suggest that red, blue, white and black are the 4 major selling colors, which are found in the image of making red, blue, white, black, green, orange, yellow, and tea. Taking the red color as an example, it has the most image and the most powerful connection with life, such as the sun, fire, blood and so on. Therefore, the red color is the simplest and the most exciting. Blue, white and black are also closely related to the sun. The sun is always hanging above the blue sky. When the sun goes down the mountain, the sky will be black. When the sun rises again at dawn, the sky of the east becomes a fish maw. These four colors are the important colors to distribute the rhythm of our daily life. As a sale color, it can cause the good feeling and hobby of the consumers. This analysis has a certain rationality. Pictures are combined with color. The box of "Snow Lotus" cashmere sweater is made of soft and light green. The box has a picture of white snow lotus on its box. It is very beautiful. The "Western Han ancient wine" wine bottle has a red bottom with a antique black picture of the brand, the bottom of the packing box on the bottom of the black seal of four strong, heavy black seal, "Western Han ancient wine", like an old man is telling the long story, in a row of green wine bottle, its common charm is obvious to all.

Generally speaking, the picture of packaging should be based on brand brand and brand brand, so that consumers can recognize the products of a factory from the phonetic symbols and all the pictures in the package, especially the famous brand products and famous brand shops. The change in the material of the package is the same to arouse the attention of everyone. The porcelain gift of Shandong export is made of corn skin into a hand-held box, which makes full use of the abundant rural labor force, and makes many local data turned into folk features and elegant texture package, compared with ordinary carton packing. It is more artistic. Sichuan famous "entangled rabbit" food was originally packed with red rectangular cartons. Now it is a delicate cylindrical container with fine bamboo Pong friends, which is beautiful and makes an unforgettable image.


The success of packaging not only through the modeling, color, picture, material use to arouse the attention and interest of consumers to the product, but also to make the consumer through the packaging to understand the product. The intent of everyone is not packaging, but the product of packaging. The most useful way to accurately convey the product information is to convey the image of the product. It can be fully transparent packaging, the product can be opened on the packaging container, the product can be made on the package, the concise text can be made on the package, the colorful product photos can be printed on the package and so on.

"Snow Lotus" cashmere sweater carton packaging on top of a "skylight", through the cellophane can clearly see the color and texture of cashmere sweater, easy to choose. The "diamond" brand stainless steel knife in Yangjiang, Guangdong, is packed with a carton with a fixed knife body to facilitate the transfer and sale; the box is displayed with a photographic close-up. The picture is a photo of the vegetable and meat, with the photos and clarification of the origin, pre history and quality of the kitchen knife, so that the long pre history and superior quality are really obtained. The visual display has been welcomed by customers from home and abroad.

To convey product information accurately, we also request that the level of packaging is compatible with the level of product. The quality or function of concealment or exaggeration is the packaging of failure. China's export ginseng has been packed in sacks and cartons. Foreign businessmen suspect that it is dried radish. Naturally, it is understood from the crude packaging level. On the contrary, the products of low grade with valuable packaging will not attract consumers. At present, the portrayed of small food packaging in the market of our country is mostly very delicate. It is very tempting to the consumers, especially the teenagers, but in many cases, the value of food is very far from the price, which makes people feel deceived. Therefore, the level of packaging must be adapted to the level of the product.

According to the successful experience of domestic and foreign shopping malls, the packaging of high - income consumer goods used by high income people is more simple and clearer, soft, rich color and quality quality material. "The words" show that this is precisely to convey product information to consumers, so that consumers can understand. Accurately convey product information, but also appealed to the shape, color, picture and so on used in packaging, which do not violate everyone's habits and cause mistakes. For example, the use of packaging color has such experience: butter does not have to be portrayed in yellow packaging but is unsalable with other colors, and coffee is not sold in the same blue package. For a long time, we have had a fixed understanding of the content of some color products, which can also be called the color of the product. The color of the product comes from the commodity itself, the tea color represents the tea, the peach color represents the peach, the orange represents the orange, the yellow represents the butter and the mayonnaise, the green represents the vegetable, the coffee color is taken from the coffee.

There is a kind of mind setting, for example, the link between color and taste. The Japanese emporologist has done some thinking tests, asking consumers to see the curry curry and the spicy curry of the two brands of curry, and the Currie curry is sweet, but 70% of the people look at it in its red box to think it is peppery. Yes. SB's sweet curry packaging box is yellow color, it is recognized by most people, obviously, SB gold sweet type packaging for everyone to know, it must be more hot than the Currie curry. The truth is, the SB gold curry curry package is painted with red and black packaging, which is very hot in 1965 when it is listed, which makes its stock price rising, which indicates that the red and black depiction is very high expression of the meaning with the spicy taste and is understood by consumers. You can understand it very naturally.


That is to say, the shape, color, picture and material of the packaging should be able to arouse the affection that everybody likes, because people's joy is very important to the excitement of the acquisition. The good feeling comes from two aspects, the first is the useful aspect, that is, whether the packaging can satisfy the needs of all aspects of the consumer and facilitate the supply, which touches on the size, how much and the exquisite of the packaging. The same skin cream, can be so large bottled, also so small boxes, consumers can be selected according to their own habits, the same product packaging exquisite simple to be selected as gifts, a poor package can only be used by myself. When the packaging of the product is convenient, it will naturally arouse consumers' interest.

The good feeling also comes directly from the impression of the shape, color, picture and material of the package. It is a comprehensive thought effect, which is closely related to the environment of the small ego and the smell of the ego. In color, each person has the color of each person who likes and weary, of course, it can not be strong, but also have common points. Most women like white and red color, pink and red color. They are called women's color. The packaging of women's articles can arouse the ladies' love with white and red color. Men like harsh and harsh black, black and male color. The packaging and black of men's special products can be liked by men. All ethnic groups have different colors, people like national color, Americans like yellow, and yellow packaged goods are popular, such as Kodak's colorful film, the product of Katara, the largest building machinery manufacturer in the world, kolarolo's cosmetics, mark period, the sunscreen company's sunscreen oil and so on. But the Japanese do not like yellow, the yellow packaging in Japan often can not be sold, some people think that Americans like yellow for the golden hair love, and in the hot areas of the southern states, the sun looks golden, and the mystery here is no longer discussed. This kind of national favorite mind is also relative and changed. We only focus on the feeling of annoying and can take actions.

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