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Is canister food safe and safe

Release time:2018-04-26

After being sterilized, the food is packed into a sealed food canister and sterilized and stored as a main food storage method. The food that enters the air is just like we have been opened, and the air is in contact with the air. It will react and decompose. The general food can be noted. Please eat it immediately after opening or please use it in a time limit. When the food tank is prominent, the canned food may be deteriorated, so it should be careful. When it is not prominent, it indicates that it is vacuum, food quality and safety, and it can be eaten safely.

The inside of the canned food is usually a vacuum environment. When the internal food deteriorates, the chemical reaction occurs, and the gas is released. The pressure of the gas is sufficient to lift the safety button. Therefore, the producers generally mark the above words to ensure that the consumer is eating during the shelf life. The cause of the deterioration is generally stored procedures. It is affected by high temperature and other adverse environmental conditions. Only when it is not sealed or transported into the air, will it become prominent. Many consumers believe that they contain preservatives, not fresh and other questions, including the author's concerns, so I almost do not eat canned food, but later, this view is a misinterpretation of the canned industry. Taking the canned fruit as an example, from the harvest of the orchard to the canned factory of the finished product, the fresh fruit is selected strictly, and the process of sterilization and vacuum Canning is used in the shortest time, so as to keep the fresh and nourishment of the fruit to the maximum, and the consumer can be assured to eat. Pretreatment of stored food is determined by raw materials, products and flavor.

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